Saturday, February 25, 2012

Only you weren't there, you weren't you.

A new Fantastic blog that i love She has a billion fantastic beautiful home things. One of the things I want to try is making a tin foil nightstand.

I also am thinking about "glazing" my side table? It gives it this kind of look (all found on the above blog)...

That last one is from a different blog i really like called It has some really good how too's on glazing and painting with spray paint. All the sites i've seen all swear by Ralph Lauren Faux Technique glaze I found it on Amazon for $17 but i guess you can buy it at home depot for about $13.

I'm having a hard time deciding on if i want to do this or not?  Should I? 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Before we turn to stone.

Its Saturday tomorrow! I love saturdays.

Today i missed all of my classes, because im a baddy.

I also painted my side table....
Im not completely done yet. I need to put it upside down and finish the bottom part. I also need to take the handles off and paint it white. But i think it looks pretty good.

I also bought a new purse the other day. Its pretty cool and was only 7 dollars.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

and love comes back around again, its a carousel my friend.

Its Tuesday, which means i have school and work again.. sadly.

This weekend my good friend becky chase came to visit from Utah. I hadn't seen her in forever. It was quite nice to talk to her again. 

We went to idaho falls with adam and ate at 5 guys, our favorite restaurant. 

And i bought primer and gave my side table two coats of it already! I think i'll do one more. And maybe even a fourth on the inside. I think i've decided on yellow as my color...?

Also.. i know i just posted about the new shower curtain. But we got a new one. I love love this one. It was on sale at walmart and it came with a bath mat and such. I also bought a cute little tray thing to go above the toilet and put little tea light candles in it. 

Well.. now im just waiting 40 mins before i have to go to school, then a group meeting, then work, then home at 9:45pm. Yuck. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Now your just somebody that i use to know.

Today we decided to take darcy for a walk outside. We went to the highschool track by our apartment. It was perfect because there was a cleared path in the snow so there was no where for darcy to run away if she wanted to. She seemed to really like it. Afterwords we went for a little drive on the back roads in the potato farm area. It was nice and sunny.

Here is chad walking with darcy on the track...

 Here is a picture from the drive...
 And here is how darcy decided to sit on the drive. She climbed up and laid right behind my neck. It was really cute. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is somebody having a garage sale?

Its been forever since i posted.

Midterms was this week. Im just glad to know that we are half way through the semester. 

I made a shower curtain out of a white sheet. I used this thing called pin-tucking. I found it on this site. The site shows how to make a duvet cover but i thought it would be cool to make a shower curtain. 

I also found a painting at di i liked, and decided to paint the frame black. 

 And another item i found at di... this side table thing.. im going to paint it some color that i haven't decided on yet.

Here are the colors im thinking. I want a lighter color. 
Heres some idea's i've found online of different painted furniture with the colors im thinking about..

Anyways... thats about all i've been up to. Its a long weekend thanks to presidents day. Im thinking i should probably start working on my side table. Im sooo happy to not have homework or work for 3 and a half days!

Chad and i have started watching x files. It scares me. Its crazy though because its a 20 year old show. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Darcy's suitcase bed

Alright. I finished darcy's suitcase bed last night. Here it is from start to finish...

Bought the suitcase at DI ($5):

Took off the lid and ripped out the existing fabric:

Bought some fabric at joanns ($9) then cut fabric into strips for the inside and then hemmed the edge:

Then pinned the fabric on the sides with short white pins ($.47):

And finally sewed the last of the fabric into a pillow case and slipped in a pillow:

Here is darcy playing in it. She's still not use to it so we tempted her in with her favorite toy. We woke up this morning though and she was sleeping inside, so i think she's starting to like it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I adore the holidays.

I got a new phone! My lovely lg shine died and i was due for an upgrade and so i got my phone for 99 cents and started a data plan for $30 a month. Its a windows phone a Samsung focus flash. Not the greatest picture but here it is....

And I started working on the suitcase bed for darcy. I went to JoAnns today and bought some fabric. It was very hard to pick there were so many choices it was overwhelming. I tore out all the lining and then took the top of the suitcase out. It was very difficult to get the top off. It was all super nailed and screwed in.

Here is darcy and the fabric