Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is somebody having a garage sale?

Its been forever since i posted.

Midterms was this week. Im just glad to know that we are half way through the semester. 

I made a shower curtain out of a white sheet. I used this thing called pin-tucking. I found it on this site. The site shows how to make a duvet cover but i thought it would be cool to make a shower curtain. 

I also found a painting at di i liked, and decided to paint the frame black. 

 And another item i found at di... this side table thing.. im going to paint it some color that i haven't decided on yet.

Here are the colors im thinking. I want a lighter color. 
Heres some idea's i've found online of different painted furniture with the colors im thinking about..

Anyways... thats about all i've been up to. Its a long weekend thanks to presidents day. Im thinking i should probably start working on my side table. Im sooo happy to not have homework or work for 3 and a half days!

Chad and i have started watching x files. It scares me. Its crazy though because its a 20 year old show. 

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