Saturday, March 31, 2012

For mom

 This is a post for my mother so she can get stuff ready for darcy coming to visit.

We buy Whiskas "kitten" food and Mimi litter kitty litter.......

And this is what i was talking about with how we cut the box for her kitty litter so she doesn't make a mess. Its a pretty small littler box i think it cost like $2 or so. Its the cheapest and smallest one for sale at walmart. It works well. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Theres no way im letting rainy street down again.

This is pretty much going to be a catch up blog about random things i haven't yet posted pictures about...

Here is a picture of my curtains i never posted, its a little dark it was hard to get a good one with it bright outside, but yep i like them.

And this is a little di buy i got awhile ago. Its a little tray i bought and then i painted it black. Yep...haha. 

And here are some funny photos of darcy! We bought her a little sweater and rain jacket. I think she looks very funny. She's not a big fan of them though. 

 Also, chad bought a new skateboard he's been looking at for awhile. Its tiny, and adorable, and it came with matching sunglasses.

Lastly. I found a sewing machine desk from di today! For only $10. Its an old sewing machine desk so it has the big hole in it and stuff and the table flips up to make it longer. Im going to repaint it. I think i have an idea of the color. But im still deciding.

And just another little thing i found at di was this picture frame. I put in my own picture i had printed off a couple months ago thats just been waiting around for a good frame to go in. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

your going to catch a cold from the ice inside your soul

Its been very sunny and pretty! We went to the park with darcy and let her run around. At first she was doing her crawling on the ground thing, but then we brought her to a field and she would run over to this little group of trees and explore but then come running back to us after awhile, then go back. It was cute.

I watched the walking dead season 2. The first couple episodes were awfully boring but by the 4th it got way good. I would have to say its not as good as the 1st season though.

Bought darcy's carrier on for the plane today on Amazon. Hopefully she likes it, and fits inside. It was only $24.

Also only 1 week and a half till school is over!!!

I've been seeing this song often but never listened to it until today and im quite fond of it. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I want to see your face but your in another place, another town.

So my career life may be coming together a little better.

My mother met ben's middle school counselor and they talked about her career and how she got there and such. She was a sociology major and got a masters at UAA. She was interested in talking to me about being a counselor. So what im thinking is when i go up to alaska for the break i'll stop by the school and talk to her about the possibility of interning with her. Because that sounds fun. Even though i don't want to counsel children about their personal problems only their academic problems, my mom says she does both. So i'll get to see a little of how that is and maybe reassure that i don't want to do the other part (or maybe i do?).

Also... i found this graduate certificate program in academic advising through Kansas State University ( Its only 15 credits to get it and to apply you only need a 3.0 and a finished bachelors along with a 2 page paper on why you think you should go there. The classes look like they'd be super helpful to. The total cost for all my tuition to get the certificate would be about $6,480.

Chad got his ipad. Its beautiful. The screen is just amazing. We downloaded this cat game where this little dot moves around the screen and darcy has fun with that. Im also kind of becoming obsessed with instagram, a picture editing app.

Heres a picture of darcy and i from it...

Im 4 paper behind in my terrorism class. I know i should do it.. but i don't.

I dyed my hair black.. well "soft black" haha. Its darker then i was planning on but i still like it.

Im excited to see the hunger games. Even though i couldn't stand catnis in the book. But i think the movie will still be fun to watch. I don't think we are going to watch it for a little while though. 

Also, today is my brothers birthday!! I called him but no answer. : ( i'll try again later. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The sunlight hurts my eyes.

Today i attempted to make eclairs. I used this recipe And it turned out pretty good. Except, the size it told to me to make with the dough turned out to be much bigger then it should be. Here's a picture of them. The one on the left was just the left over of the dough so i made a little one which turned out to be the size i would have liked them all to be.  

 I didn't have any chocolate chips to to melt to put on top so i just made chocolate sauce out of coco. Inside was just pudding with a little half and half and vanilla to make it sweeter. It turned out pretty good. Chad and i only ate one and got full.

I also finished my curtains! But darcy pulled them down and im too short to put them back up and chad hasn't gotten around to it. But soon i'll have a picture.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I do have a ray gun after all.

If you didn't notice.. i changed my background today. I was getting tired of the black.

We bought darcy a little harness and leash today! Its blue with little fish on it. We put it on her and she went crazy rubbing around on the floor and crawling.. like she forgot how to walk or something. It was very funny. She is practicing wearing it now and she seems to be fine now.

Also i saw this fabric at walmart like a month ago and it was about $10 a yard but today in Idaho falls i found it for $2.50 a yard so i had to buy it. I'm going to make our curtains out of it. Super excited.

Also today it was super sunny and nice so chad long boarded while i rode barbara's old bike. It was fun. We took along my fisheye Diana mini too. I couple of more days like this i'll be able to go develop the film. Exciting!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Theres a moose on the loose, in a caboose, riding alaska's train.

I forgot to mention....

We are going to Alaska for 6 days in April! And, Darcy gets to come too!

Future picture of darcy in alaska.
{I tried to find a picture of a cat in the forest.. but this is the closest i could get. haha}

The moribund tree and the toad

So remember that plant book i just made? And remember our little friendly cat darcy? Well, i left the book by the sliding door to get some sun and darcy didn't touch it all yesterday but today this is what i found.....

But i couldn't get mad at such a cute cat.

I think im just going to buy a fake plant and put it in there.. haha. 

I skipped all 3 of my classes today. I feel a little guilty. But i'll be ok. Chad and i went for a walk outside because its nice and sunny. But still a little cold. Now chad's off for a group meeting then class until 6pm. 

I rented the new footloose movie to watch while he's gone. He would never watch it with me so now is my only chance. 

Also.. chad is disappointed in the new ipad. But is still trying to preorder one online today. The site is so full of people trying to buy one its like impossible.

Monday, March 5, 2012

I got a tan and she got a sunburn.

Sitting in my kitchen...
I finished cleaning the kitchen then sat down on our only chair and looked through pinterest for a good dessert recipe but then realized we have no milk and just about all of the ones i wanted to do needed milk. Sad.

I decided to looked through barbara sa's facebook picture albums. I miss her lots and lots.

Listening to old owl city music.

Darcy kept running up to me and and pawing at me wanting to play. I didn't play with her. Now she's given up and is laying on my lap.

Its actually quite nice outside today. I got warm inside and rolled my jeans up to capris. That made me really excited for summer time.

The iditarod started on saturday! Here are the stands....

Also.. chad wanted me to make sure i posted about the ipad 3 being announced on the 7th. He wanted me to post about it forever ago... but.. yeah. So im posting now. If you did not know the ipad 3 will be announced on march 7th. The end.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cowboy take me away, fly this girl as high as you can into the wild blue.

Today I cleaned most of the house. Specifically our fridge. It some how got piled up with old left overs which needed to get thrown away. It was gross.  But anyways.. after cleaning i got tired of the way my picture frames looked so i switched things around a little. 

We were at the dollar store the other day and i bought a chive plant growing kit. It came with dirt, seeds, and a little pot. But I didn't like the pot and chad and i came up with the idea of putting it inside a book. So we went to di and found some cool old looking books and i cut a square in it, modge podged the pages, put a plastic container inside and planted my plant. The dirt seems real cheap so we will see if anything even grows. But yeah it turned out pretty cool. It was awful cutting through the pages. I don't want to ever have to do it again. haha.

Today we went to di again.. because i enjoy it. I think chad does too, but he wont admit it. He buys things every once in awhile. I have a hard time there though because i don't buy things everytime i go there, i mostly just like to look. But every once in awhile there is a cool thing and sometimes i second guess myself wanting it and then i leave and the next day i go back for it and its gone. Once this was with an old antique looking sewing desk, and a set of plates that were blue vintage nautical ship looking. They were both beautiful. And i regret not buying them. So today there were some plates i really liked and thought about not getting them but decide it was for the best that i did..haha. so here they are. 

 This one is a set of 5 with a little matching bowl. 

 And this one sadly was all by itself. Im not sure what im going to do with it yet? But its way pretty right?!

Here is also a way cool old Robinson Crusoe book chad found us that we brought home as well. 

And thats about it lately.