Monday, March 5, 2012

I got a tan and she got a sunburn.

Sitting in my kitchen...
I finished cleaning the kitchen then sat down on our only chair and looked through pinterest for a good dessert recipe but then realized we have no milk and just about all of the ones i wanted to do needed milk. Sad.

I decided to looked through barbara sa's facebook picture albums. I miss her lots and lots.

Listening to old owl city music.

Darcy kept running up to me and and pawing at me wanting to play. I didn't play with her. Now she's given up and is laying on my lap.

Its actually quite nice outside today. I got warm inside and rolled my jeans up to capris. That made me really excited for summer time.

The iditarod started on saturday! Here are the stands....

Also.. chad wanted me to make sure i posted about the ipad 3 being announced on the 7th. He wanted me to post about it forever ago... but.. yeah. So im posting now. If you did not know the ipad 3 will be announced on march 7th. The end.

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