Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The moribund tree and the toad

So remember that plant book i just made? And remember our little friendly cat darcy? Well, i left the book by the sliding door to get some sun and darcy didn't touch it all yesterday but today this is what i found.....

But i couldn't get mad at such a cute cat.

I think im just going to buy a fake plant and put it in there.. haha. 

I skipped all 3 of my classes today. I feel a little guilty. But i'll be ok. Chad and i went for a walk outside because its nice and sunny. But still a little cold. Now chad's off for a group meeting then class until 6pm. 

I rented the new footloose movie to watch while he's gone. He would never watch it with me so now is my only chance. 

Also.. chad is disappointed in the new ipad. But is still trying to preorder one online today. The site is so full of people trying to buy one its like impossible.

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