Friday, June 28, 2013

Its our party we can do what we want.


We sold blacky! This is all that is left. I wanted to get a picture with it before they came and took it... but didn't.  

This is darcy sleeping in the sun.

And i've been starting to take pictures of our stuff to sell. Its on this blog which i started for our last move. Also... i've packed one small box of things! : ) We went through the craft room stuff and was quite proud of myself for being able to get rid of so much. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Have a heart.

So i know i just posted about how we haven't done anything in a long time. And well... we went outside today for a little reading time. It was super pretty until chad had me follow him down some rocks to the water where there was a snake waiting to eat me was scary. Well. heres some little pictures.

Also.. we've been watching a lot of chopped episodes lately so i decided it was time to cook something. I made some super yummy cooked apples. 

I'm not excited. But should i be.

I haven't posted for a long time because we haven't done anything for a long time. Lots of work. Lots of 5am shifts : ( but i did get a .15 cent raise... so cool. cool.

Kitty gets really hot these days so she lays on her back a lot. 

Chad operated on his dying shoes. 

The final product. 

I have a new favorite shirt. : )

And we made a purple cake..