Tuesday, December 24, 2013

alright alright alright

In less then an hour we are headed off to texas for christmas!! Excited.

So i'll hurry and blog :)

I know everyone knows we got our couch but i must blog about it so i can look back and be happy all over again. Its beautiful, never been happier.

This picture makes it look kinda blue but its definitely grey.. like the next picture.

There are seriously about 6 different thrift stores all within 10 mins from our apartment and its the best. Id never been to a good will before don't know if this is normal at all of them every where but target donates a bunch of brand new clearance stuff to them here so you can get the target threshold brand for super cheap and brand new. I once saw a bread box at di in rexburg and decided not to get it then went back the next day regretting it and it wasn't there. So when i saw this beauty for $6 brand new from target i didn't even think about it.

I love the wood grains on it, super pretty, but of course i had to add a little something onto it so i went with a few gold strips.......

 And lastly.... i started getting big crushes on kitchen hutchs this past month or two and have been day dreaming about repainting one and putting adorable kitchen things inside of it. But... i live a small apartment and have an even smaller car. so i thought i would probably have to wait a couple years. I thought... if only there was such a thing as a mini hutch. Then at my favorite thirft store here, we went in for some picture frames and everything in the store was 40% off and i saw this. And the label even read mini hutch. It was meant to be. It took trips home with the bottom and top separated but its in my kitchen now and i can't wait to redo it. This is a horrible picture thanks to my dark dark apartment but the wood is actually a very pretty dark wood not as yellow/light wood as it looks and im having a hard time deciding how much of it to repaint or leave wood?... tough choices.
These are some of the colors im thinking..

Which color do you like best? Im thinking dark navy? The teal i cant quite do since i just painted our new tv buffet that color :(

Thursday, December 12, 2013

If you ever feel alone. Dont.

Its almost christmas! Here is a picture of our pretty tree. We went with a white one because we both have always wanted to try having a white tree, and now that we have it.. i really like it :) However our tree dies a little every day because of some one named kitty. Every night she climbs up the tree and destroys it. Her heavy body bends all the branches down and we have to get a hammer and push them all up again but they never quite look the same. Its sad. 

Also something new with us is that we have not bought a microwave since we moved, and it has become one of the best things. I actually cook now. We also haven't used our dishwasher since moving either. That started out because we kept forgetting to buy soap but now its just normal and maybe we are saving a few cents on our electric bill? haha. anyways..

I love popcorn. I eat it regularly. I usually don't like sweet popcorns but i tried this cinnamon brown sugar popcorn idea and loved it. I think its because besides butter and salt brown sugar is one of my favorites. 

I was also inspired by lacey who mentioned on her blog that shes made pizza dough from scratch and thought i probably should attempt that since all chad wants to ever eat is pizza. No thanks to martha's recipe (martha stewart) my dough started out real bad. But i just started adding water and hoped for the best and it surprisingly worked out. :) I made chicken bacon pizza. 

 i also finally got a sensy. I've been wanting one for forever and i like it as much as i thought i would :)

And my favorite one direction song from their new cd. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

I didn't think I missed you. Now I'm feeling like a fool.

Well it's been awhile i know. I'll try harder? We've been a bit busy with work school and fun. We took a little weekend trip to canada the other week it was lots of fun. We plan to go back again for some fun Christmas lights in Duluth in a week or two. And then we head to Texas for Christmas. So lots of fun planned.

Annnnd we had some fun yesterday. We had a Christmas Day planned and called it festive Friday. Here's some pictures.....

This is at the mall of America. Lots of lights and prettyness.

And of course we went to Panda Express there. 

I've been thinking the reason I don't post as much lately is because our apartment is very very dark unlike our last apartment that had tons of light and so all my pictures don't look quite nice. :( so that leaves me with my Instagram picture which isn't my favorite to blog with since they aren't like new pictures? Anyways tough life. 

I wrote this on my phone btw. We will see how that worked out.?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

jays on my feet... so get like me.

So some good stuff has happened lately. 

I got a job. Not the funnest thing.. but im excited to get some money. Its a seasonal night shift job at target. unloading the old trucks. Its like a legit night shift from 11pm to 6:30am so hopefully i can survive. I seriously plan.. or hope to plan, to only work here until January. But that's how shopko was too so we will see : )

I forgot to post that we went to the science museum the other week. The special exhibit was the Mayas, it was very fun.  Here is chad at one of the designated picture taking spots, which they suggest you post on twitter or facebook.... 

And then chads family came down to Minneapolis for two days for the hockey game. I really liked it. I had never watched a hockey game live or even a whole game on tv actually and i was very surprised. It reaffirmed my opinion that football is the absolute most boring sport to watch.

Here is chad and Jordan posing at the fancy hotel.

Kasey and chad in conversation and Andre in deep thought.

At the Game

Annnnd me.

And lastly i've been trying to find cool cheap posters on etsy because i bought an empty frame and wanted something for the entry way that wasn't just a photo. Everything i saw i thought i could just make myself. So i downloaded adobe illustrator and am in love. Im only on the 30 day trial but think i'll have to continue. Here are two posters i made. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How come you look so cool?

Happy late halloween! We had a pretty good halloween even though chad was in class from 4:30 to 9:30pm we carved a pumpkin the night before and then when chad got back from class we ate hot dog mummies and watched scobby doo. Pretty fun stuff.  

Me and the pumpkin on our beautiful porch. Although the pretty fall leaves were short lived. It snowed this evening. 

Our mummy hot dogs. First time every making or eating these..they were preettty good. 

I also put up curtains in our apartment. This may sound like whatever... but its actually a pretty big deal. Our apartment, and our last apartment, had sliding doors with those long vertical plastic blinds which i hate. Ever since our last apartment i've been thinking about ways to go around it. Since we rent you cant just take down the blinds but you cant put up curtains since the whole blinds set up is pretty big. So i saw this blog... where she bought electrical conduit pipes for the curtain rod which i loved the idea of. They were only $1.94 at home depot and then i painted them white to blend in with the already blinds set up. 

Since they are sooo light it worked perfect with this pin that i saw on pinterest, where you use a sticky command hooks to hold the curtain rod. So i stuck one on each side infront of the curtain banister and then two behind it so i could do a sheer layer curtain and thick one. I even ended up using command hooks as curtain tie backs on the sides until i can afford some pretty ones i've seen on etsy. :) 

And heres me and grumpy kitty..

And me and grumpy chad...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Right now i want to tap dance.

Wellllll we finally got internet late last week and i thought it was about time that i write a blog. I haven't been very good at it lately and it doesn't help that netflix has gotten in Every new season for like Every show i like.

I looked at my old camera and found these two pictures from before we left. 

Chad was very responsible and saved his money to buy a wiiu. You can tell he's ultra excited. It turned out to be pretty cool. Especially since we don't have a tv he can still play the games on the controller. 

These are some beautiful sugar cookies we decorated before leaving the parr's. 

And our apartment is still coming around slowly. We do have a bed, bookshelves, desk, entry table, and everything for the kitchen.. but the couch is one we are still waiting on. I found one and I love it so i can't find anything else i like besides a few at homegoods close to the same thing but smaller or more expensive. This one is regularly $750 with shipping but before we moved in it was on sale with shipping for $556. Soo i am waiting for it to go on sale again.. and for me to have a job. Hopefully both of those happen soon.

Since i don't have any furniture to paint or projects to do i made one up in the kitchen. Inside the cupboards wasn't very nice to see... as you can see...

 So i decided to cover the shelves with super cute craft paper i found at home goods for $3

Now they look beautiful and feel clean and i love them. The end. 

Also its still very pretty here. : ) Chad and i saw a turkey 5k run walk thing and are thinking about thinking about doing it?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where do you go when the stars go blue?

Well we are still alive. 

The part of our new home we don't like to go....

I went with chad to class today so i could spend some time on the internet, something i miss greatly. Is that a bad thing?... i don't think so : ) Since not having the internet i instead filled my time re-watching the first season of Heroes that i had saved on a hard drive and day dreaming about our blank walls and empty apartment. I re-decided Heroes is dumb and our apartment is still empty. 

I did buy a book though. On page 17.

I also tried to make the kitchen look a tiny bit better by lining the cupboard shelves with pretty home goods wrapping paper. I saw the same paper at home sense in Canada but here it was a dollar cheaper. So pretty cool. 

And...i forgot to add this picture from my phone for jordan from mall of america from our trip a little while ago. Its him and his lord of the rings lego's. 

Also I've decided im going to make and try selling candles on etsy. We will see how that goes. If they don't sell at least i'll have a great smelling apartment?  : )

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Million Dollar Bills.

It was chaddys birthday! He is now 25 years old. : )

We had great decorations, a top gear cake, made sugar cube castles, and watched jack and jill. Lots and lots of fun.