Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How come you look so cool?

Happy late halloween! We had a pretty good halloween even though chad was in class from 4:30 to 9:30pm we carved a pumpkin the night before and then when chad got back from class we ate hot dog mummies and watched scobby doo. Pretty fun stuff.  

Me and the pumpkin on our beautiful porch. Although the pretty fall leaves were short lived. It snowed this evening. 

Our mummy hot dogs. First time every making or eating these..they were preettty good. 

I also put up curtains in our apartment. This may sound like whatever... but its actually a pretty big deal. Our apartment, and our last apartment, had sliding doors with those long vertical plastic blinds which i hate. Ever since our last apartment i've been thinking about ways to go around it. Since we rent you cant just take down the blinds but you cant put up curtains since the whole blinds set up is pretty big. So i saw this blog... where she bought electrical conduit pipes for the curtain rod which i loved the idea of. They were only $1.94 at home depot and then i painted them white to blend in with the already blinds set up. 

Since they are sooo light it worked perfect with this pin that i saw on pinterest, where you use a sticky command hooks to hold the curtain rod. So i stuck one on each side infront of the curtain banister and then two behind it so i could do a sheer layer curtain and thick one. I even ended up using command hooks as curtain tie backs on the sides until i can afford some pretty ones i've seen on etsy. :) 

And heres me and grumpy kitty..

And me and grumpy chad...

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