Friday, January 15, 2016

I want to be like kanye

The past couple days..........

And oliver being ridiculously cute. 

We found this little bookshelf for $7 at hidden treasures on a trip across town in a search for free star wars posters (which we found over 80 of btw! Chad said it was a perfect day). It will be painted white with some wood left on it. But, sad news, my entire paint collection is gone. I left it all in the storage locker and to no surprise they where all ruined :( so I have to slowly build it back up. 

Also this was our first time buying furniture since Oliver was born and lets just say the pruis can only handle much smaller pieces now. 

Ive used my bread machine a billion times since chad got me it for Christmas and I love it.

Although I had my first bread failure today when I picked the country bread recipe instead of the express white bread one.... this is what it looked like after baking. I don't understand. 

Oliver learned the window opens which was a cold experiences which he weirdly loved and would not let me close for much longer then I wanted....

Morning time.