Sunday, November 13, 2011

The shadows of the evening fall, the night is coming on.

I tried out a pinterest recipe this morning.

Here is the original....
And here is mine.... 

Im looking forward to school being over. Only 4 or so weeks left. Then off to Canada. 

My battery charger for my computer stopped working. My computer will be dead in an hour or so. I ordered a new charger off Amazon but it wont be here till Wednesday. sad.

Chad and i are looking for a chirstmas tree. We found this super cheap one from walmart but there were some cool cheap ones at family dollar so we might look there again. 

I watched saturdays worrier today. Chad kind of watched it too. I think its a cute movie. He found it ridiculous. I wasn't surprised. 

We're listening to christmas music right now. 

I've decided Deanna Raybourne is my favorite author. Just finished reading The Dead Travel Fast, its her one book she's written that isn't in the julia grey series and it was fantastic. I'm sad and excited to read her last book in the julia greys series. We are headed to the library tomorrow.