Sunday, September 25, 2016

I'd buy a big house where we both could live.

: Oliver's Two Year Post :

Loves to talk in his "baby" voice, and say aww

Can say blue, purple, yellow, orange, pink, and black. And probably 70 percent of the time says the correct color.

Asked for two cookies yesterday. One for each hand.

I've never seen another two year old as big as him.

Loves planes, fish, and lollipops.

Has been only wanting "mamma" at night or after naps.

Does great when he doesn't take a nap, but still loves them and often takes them. They're about 2 hours long which means bedtime often gets pushed back pretty late.

One night when putting him to bed he was frustrating me by not going to sleep quick enough. He wanted more bottle so I left to fill it up and was considering not going back and making him fall asleep on his own (something he has never actually done at night). I decided it would just be easier to go back in. When I did he welcomed me with a sleepy "mamma, oh mamma, aw" and then cuddles. It broke my heart.

Has been perfect on the past two trips back and forth from Thunder bay. A 6 hour drive one way. Hope I don't jinx it for the next time.

Loves TV.

Anything little is called a baby. His smaller toes, littler oranges..

Must sleep with the same blanket every nap and bedtime. Every night. Also sleeps with a fish and bunny. When he wants the bunny he says hop hop.

Wears size 3T shirts and 2T pants.

Is super cute.

And here is an overload of photos. I couldn't decide which to post and which to leave out. So... he only turns 2 once right? I figure this will be a post I'll return to eventually anyways. Btw, we took the photos at Fort Snelling. My favorite place in Minneapolis. Maybe my favorite place ever? We went to this one trail that is made up of lots and lots of stairs. He went straight for them and didn't stop till he got the the top. Every time we came to another set he would point and say "more stairs, more stairs". Because of this there are a lot of none face photos. But I wanted these pictures to be more natural and just let him have fun, no posing. But I think they are adorable either way!


I sense something in the wind.

While in Canada, Oliver wanted to be outside like every second. He loved the sandbox and trampoline. I've decided.. once we get our farm.. in addition to a sandbox, I want to make an outdoor mudpie station. It'll just be a small long wood table top (like a bench size) with a tap that is hooked up to a rain water barrel and some shelves or boxes with tin pie pans, cups, and other fun "cooking" tools. I think it would be pretty fun.. 

Anyways big dreams to the side, here are some cutesy photos of oliver playing. He is wearing the outfit I picked out for his 2 year photos which I will be posting in the next post. Sorry not sorry double outfit posts.  

 His usual water cooking fun on the deck.