Thursday, July 28, 2016

Take My hand.

I got behind on blogging... again. I think it'll probably be like this until I make it a new years resolution or something. Maybe I'll get better in the fall? I'm really looking forward to fall this year. Chad says I am taking over his favorite season, I guess mine use to be summer but I think I've gotten a good dose of summer this year. Also, I feel like summer is a lot worse when you have a kid to run around after in a hot un-air-conditioned apartment. Summer is good for lounging, something I guess I use to do during a lot which might be part of why I use to love summer a lot more then I do now... So its all about Fall now. 

To back it up, my mom came to visit us!! It was a lot of fun and I am very glad she got to come see our home and town and little Oliver.  Here are some pictures from her trip and a couple before she got there. 

Como Park

 Sparklers for Fourth of July