Monday, January 16, 2012

Im sorry you had to hear that.

I finished my picture frames today!

So here they are. I swear the picture frames are all straight and such, every time i take a picture they always look crooked. haha.. I don't have a picture yet for the two large ones. I want to print off bigger pictures for them.

Here is a close up...

So here's how it was done. I was looking for scrape book paper that would look good and then chad found this newspaper looking paper and really liked it. My two big frames are both too big for one piece of scrape book paper so I decided on cutting them into strips so it could cover the whole frame.

Then I modg podged them onto the cardboard then mod podged over them and then let it dry. 

Then i painted the little clips an off white. Then glued them on. And that was all... yeah, its not very complicated just thought it would be fun to show the steps. 

So darcy sat with me the whole time i was working on this and she was just being soo adorable. So i took a couple pictures.. of course.