Friday, August 17, 2012

A cat called Rococo

Here is a little update on my dresser... I bought this contact paper at the dollar store that i loved but only had enough to do one drawer and when i went back to the dollar store they were all out. We even checked the one in Idaho Falls. i was very sad at first and decided to give up on that. But yesterday we went to the dollar store for fun and there it was again! So i bought all they had even though i only needed two. haha. I really like the pattern and its soo cheap so i'll have some for another project. 

Also unhappily for chad i sold our couch today. Darcy likes to lay on it and does this cute little thing where she sprawls out and holds on tightly. She did it early today so i made sure i took a picture before we no longer had the couch, because i think shes adorable when she does it. :)

Also also, we put in our application yesterday for an apartment we went and looked at and liked but today i got a call and someone put a deposit down on it the day before! So that stressed me out and i felt hopeless. But chad and i found this other one that would be good. It says it will be available by the 24th which would be fine if we can move in right away, but the other apartment said it was available right away but it was actually going to be a week before we could move in because they had to do repairs and clean the carpets. So i'll call on Monday and hope everything works out!