Monday, July 28, 2014

It's our party we can do what we want.

I don't like to bake because it never works out. My least favorite part of baking is that I feel like I follow the directions perfectly so when it doesn't turn out I get super frustrated because I don't even know how to fix it. Most times I end up with something cooked and eatable but it never quite taste like something you actually are excited to eat. But every once in awhile I give baking a second chance and i'm verrry glad I did because this time I discovered a strawberry banana muffin recipe that turned out perfectly moist and sweet and that I just wanted to keep eating and eating! Even the recipes cooking time was perfect.

Here is the recipe. I should probably try more of her recipes and see if I have the same luck.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I don't even know you, It feels like i'm suppose to.

Well... here is a little project I just finished for olivers room. I found this dresser/chest (it opens from the sides and top) at my favorite, thrift store hidden treasures, for only $7 and knew I had to buy it. Even if I didn't use it for Oliver it was just a good little piece for something. And.. it fit in our car easily. 

The top needed a lot of work. I normally do not sand any of the furniture I repaint because I am lazy, but this one was so roughed up at the top that I had to spend some time doing the whole top. It made me decide the next tool I buy will be a sander. 

Next I bought the paint. Olivers room was suppose to be seafoam green, white & gold. But I found it a little difficult to find the right shade of green and we bought a little yellow couch from ikea (i'll post picture eventually) which wouldn't go so nicely with green. So I switched to mint blue.

I knew I wanted to add something a little different to this piece and decided I wanted to try a stencil. I've tried a stencil once before with spray paint and it was horrible. I was going to do this one with a small paint brush and painters tape but since I'm lazy and never sand or use primer using tape would just peel the paint right off of the wood. This isn't a problem after a couple months but right after painting the paint is very fragile. So.. I decided to use a ruler, stencil out of paper, and a white oil based sharpie. It worked pretty well. Up close the lines aren't perfect but its good enough. :)

 Can you tell which toy chad added?

 And here is a close up of that deer because you were probably wanting to see just how adorable it is. I actually used this new stuff paint called rub and buff to gold leaf it. Its pretty exciting stuff.

And.. if you didn't notice I replaced the knobs for these pretty gold ones I bought a while ago from hobby lobby when I couldn't decided what I wanted for my hutch. I think they worked out perfectly for this.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Come with me for a little ride. See the shadows passing by.

Last week we went on a quick little road trip to Mount Rushmore with chads family. It was tons of fun and im super glad we were able to go! And.. this will probably be the longest post ever.. I did take close to 300 pictures; I've tried to pick out my favorites but there were still a lot! There is a combination of both my camera and phone pictures btw.

I'll start with day One.

The first day consisted of driving to mount rushmore with a few stops. The first stop was to the largest candy store in Minnesota. It was pretty cool especially all the different types of pop they had. I could have bought a billion they all looked so yummy.

Buddies chad and jordan.

Second stop was the corn palace. Which had a billion billboards advertising how great it was, but really it was just a cool looking building with murals made out of corn and then inside was just a gym.... with some things for sale... it was weird.

Jordan doesn't quite understand how these picture things work...

We walked around to a few building near the corn palace. One was this castle, which turned out to be a religious t-shirt store with a creepy life like wax museum of bible stores in the back of the dark store..... again weird.

Chad and jordan having a tea party. Or just waiting for cupcakes.

Next stop was the wall drug store which was very cool. It would have been fun to walk around this place a little more it was huge.


Kasey and a creepy Indian

 Chad and his free ice water.
 Day two.

We went to mount rushmore. It was also a lot of fun and Im glad I can finally say i've been there.

The observers. 

Kasey excited about mount rushmore.

Next we drove through a national park which had some really cool windy roads and one way tunnels. 

Its hard to tell but chads actually being a real baddy in this picture. There was a cliff right in front of him. I did not approve. But i still had to get a picture. 

Chad gets toooo excited in the outdoors. 

After driving through the park we made it to another park which said you could see buffalo. And we did. Tons and tons. They were all over the road and walked right beside the cars. It was suppper cool. 

Although he looks dead.. its actually a buffalo rolling around on the ground.

Next we spent some time in the little down town where it started hailing. Like tons and tons. Farther up the mountain/big hill where our hotel was it looked like it had snowed  a little because there was still so much hail on the grown. 

Then we went to see crazy horse which is like mount rushmore but its not finished and it wont be.. probably ever. But here is what its suppose to look like eventually. And posh kasey posing along side. 

Then we went to bear country which is one of those drive through animal parks. It was a lot cooler then I thought it would be. And I absolutely have a new love for baby bears. They are so cute. 

A bear and his wolf friend pacing back and forth the bear entrance. 

And here is the baby bears!

 And chad and his new friend.

Lastly for day two, jordan, ryan, chad, and I went mini golfing at a pirate themed mini golf. Which was probably the best mini gold chad or i have ever been to. 

Day three.

We drove home and took a little scenic route to see the badlands. They were very impressive and I did not expect them to be so huge and so wide. It wasn't just a one stop drive by kind of road, you got to drive through them and for quite a distance. It would be fun to camp there and spend some time exploring. 

And then we made it home. The end. :)