Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I don't even know you, It feels like i'm suppose to.

Well... here is a little project I just finished for olivers room. I found this dresser/chest (it opens from the sides and top) at my favorite, thrift store hidden treasures, for only $7 and knew I had to buy it. Even if I didn't use it for Oliver it was just a good little piece for something. And.. it fit in our car easily. 

The top needed a lot of work. I normally do not sand any of the furniture I repaint because I am lazy, but this one was so roughed up at the top that I had to spend some time doing the whole top. It made me decide the next tool I buy will be a sander. 

Next I bought the paint. Olivers room was suppose to be seafoam green, white & gold. But I found it a little difficult to find the right shade of green and we bought a little yellow couch from ikea (i'll post picture eventually) which wouldn't go so nicely with green. So I switched to mint blue.

I knew I wanted to add something a little different to this piece and decided I wanted to try a stencil. I've tried a stencil once before with spray paint and it was horrible. I was going to do this one with a small paint brush and painters tape but since I'm lazy and never sand or use primer using tape would just peel the paint right off of the wood. This isn't a problem after a couple months but right after painting the paint is very fragile. So.. I decided to use a ruler, stencil out of paper, and a white oil based sharpie. It worked pretty well. Up close the lines aren't perfect but its good enough. :)

 Can you tell which toy chad added?

 And here is a close up of that deer because you were probably wanting to see just how adorable it is. I actually used this new stuff paint called rub and buff to gold leaf it. Its pretty exciting stuff.

And.. if you didn't notice I replaced the knobs for these pretty gold ones I bought a while ago from hobby lobby when I couldn't decided what I wanted for my hutch. I think they worked out perfectly for this.


  1. my jaw literally dropped when i opened this post. beautiful job!

  2. I LOVE THIS!!! Come redo all my furniture for me!!! By the way my mom gave "Greg" a sander for Christmas a few years ago but it was really for me and it has been awesome. I use it a lot!