Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wait till i hit the ground harder, wait to hear your heartbeat fast.

In our apartment we have 3 bedrooms. One room is ours, the other is the cats room, and the third is a craft room. Since we've moved in its been mostly a storage room but last night i started to organize it and make it look like an actual room i want to go into! I put up some pictures and got chad to put up my curtains.

I painted this frame quite some time ago and when we moved it got all chipped up and the gold from the original color started showing so i decided to sand paper it up a little. I usually don't like the ultra scuffed up look but i think it looks kind of good with these two colors. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

we don't waste no precious time

Just a little up date...

The other morning i went to floss my teeth (which is a real unusual thing) but i had lots of time so i thought why not. In the middle of flossing i heard something fall on the floor and looked down and it looked like a little rock. For a second i thought i should really start flossing more if there are rocks hiding in my teeth. But i looked in my mouth and there was a hole in one of the teeth. The little rock was one of my fillings.. so im off to get it refilled Thursday at 2:50pm.

Kitty has begun eating bugs. And she really seems to enjoy it. I can tell when she's found a bug because she starts meowing like crazy then i go over to see whats wrong and there's the bug. So far i've seen her eat two centipedes and almost a spider (i took it away from her before she could finish it) and chad says he's seen her eat a spider as well. She's gross.

Chads been studying for the GRE.. he rented 4 books from the library..

I think i broke our garbage disposal.

And.. im working on having an etsy shop.. perhaps..

Friday, September 14, 2012

hit me where it hurts im coming home to lose.

Yesterday was chad's birthday! He is now 24 years old.

 I was suppose to be working until 10pm yesterday but... i quit my job. By the end of the first day of work i felt depressed. I was cleaning the glass doors to the front of the store and on the other side in the hall of the mall was a custodian sweeping the floors. I was jealous and it made me realize just how much i enjoy custodial work. Working at the children's place wasn't bad.. it just wasn't good. For now on i've decided im applying to custodial jobs only because thats what i want to do!

Anyways.. back to the birthday.. since i wasn't working i was able to decorate with streamers that i had planned for and made a cool cake (i stood in the cake section of the store just standing there staring at the icings trying to figure out what to do for the cake, it took me awhile). but it all seemed to work out. Also since i wasn't working i was able to surprise chad by driving down to rexburg to pick up Kasey to celebrate with us. We went to chick-fil-a.. of course.. and then ate cake and opened presents.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

i set my friends on fire

A long time ago for chad's birthday last year.. or maybe valentines day.. or something.. i bought chad this hot air balloon/lantern. Chad saw them in the movie Tangled and thought it was really cool. Before we dropped off kasey back in Rexburg we all went and tried it out.

It was scary. I told chad and kasey that we needed to go to a very big field because it would be bad if it flew into any trees or roofs. We found a place and then chad got it lit. And it took off.. and kept going, up and up. It want sooo high up it was crazy! Eventually we realized we needed to go follow it, but by the time we got in the car and started following it it started falling very fast and we never found it again. But its biodegradable so it should be ok.

in this last picture the lantern was sooo far away you could hardly see it!

Also.... im employed! My new place of employment is the children's place. It is in the mall which is about 2 minutes away and i think the store is full of adorable things so i applied last week and got a call to come in for an interview today and then an hour later i was hired! Im quite excited. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

How do i get to those.

So this weekend chad's mom, two sisters, and brother came down to Idaho. Kasey is starting school this semester and is living in the dorms. We all went down and helped her move in and chad and i showed her around campus and were her classes are and such. It was fun. Im missing school already. Not the home work or waking up early (although i wake up earlier now then i ever did during school) but going to class and learning and taking notes and stuff.

Chad's family left this morning but kasey is still at our house hanging out. We are going to drive her back to Rexburg later tonight. Tuesday we are already planning on going back to rexburg to go to the cheap theater and probably see kasey (and get some mail from our old apartment).

Besides that.... We got a new couch that i looove! I'll take a picture of it soon. And Percy Walter died, i wont take a picture of that soon. He was probably sick before we got him......

And here are two pictures from when Kasey was moving into her dorm.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

all jobs classified

So we did make it to the fair. I thought it was cool. It wasn't quite as impressive as the Alaska fair but it was still good. I didn't buy any fair food sadly, but we played some impossible to win games. BUT, chad won one! He won a gold fish. Out of all the games he really wanted to win a gold fish, which i told him was silly since you can just go buy a gold fish for 15 cents unlike the other prizes like giant purple gorillas and stuff. But surprisingly he did win, which was very cool. He has named the fish Percy Walter.

We bought Percy Walter a cool tank and have been keeping it inside of my bird cage so he doesn't get killed by darcy and kitty. Kitty gets really excited when she sees him and freaks out when i open his fish food. I think she likes the smell. Anyways when i took the tank out of the cage to take pictures of Percy Walter when i looked back at the cage and kitty was inside with the lid shut. It looked very funny, I laughed.

I always said i didn't want a black cat because they are so hard to take pictures of. I was trying to take a cute one of kitty and Percy Walter and this is what i got. haha. A big black blob with a fish. 

im not a baby

We have officially moved to Idaho Falls! Im liking our new apartment and not having chad drive very far to work every day. We still aren't completely moved in, we have some boxes in a room that i haven't decided what to do with yet. But yep.

Here is chad driving our uhaul!

Im looking for work and chads having a hard time with his bad scheduling at work. Its making him not like his work. He's working on a back up plan in case things don't work out. We will see how that goes..

Darcy and kitty love the new apartment they get very excited and love running up and down the hall. Here's some pictures of them, not running, but still cute.

Also, my little yellow side table did not look good in our new apartment so i decided to repaint it using the clearance paint i bought for the dresser but didn't end up using. I really like the way it looks now. It looks much better. It was just way to bright before.

We are suppose to go the fair today but i feel as though chads stalling because he doesn't want to go. But we are going. : )