Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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So we did make it to the fair. I thought it was cool. It wasn't quite as impressive as the Alaska fair but it was still good. I didn't buy any fair food sadly, but we played some impossible to win games. BUT, chad won one! He won a gold fish. Out of all the games he really wanted to win a gold fish, which i told him was silly since you can just go buy a gold fish for 15 cents unlike the other prizes like giant purple gorillas and stuff. But surprisingly he did win, which was very cool. He has named the fish Percy Walter.

We bought Percy Walter a cool tank and have been keeping it inside of my bird cage so he doesn't get killed by darcy and kitty. Kitty gets really excited when she sees him and freaks out when i open his fish food. I think she likes the smell. Anyways when i took the tank out of the cage to take pictures of Percy Walter when i looked back at the cage and kitty was inside with the lid shut. It looked very funny, I laughed.

I always said i didn't want a black cat because they are so hard to take pictures of. I was trying to take a cute one of kitty and Percy Walter and this is what i got. haha. A big black blob with a fish. 

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