Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I want to see your face but your in another place, another town.

So my career life may be coming together a little better.

My mother met ben's middle school counselor and they talked about her career and how she got there and such. She was a sociology major and got a masters at UAA. She was interested in talking to me about being a counselor. So what im thinking is when i go up to alaska for the break i'll stop by the school and talk to her about the possibility of interning with her. Because that sounds fun. Even though i don't want to counsel children about their personal problems only their academic problems, my mom says she does both. So i'll get to see a little of how that is and maybe reassure that i don't want to do the other part (or maybe i do?).

Also... i found this graduate certificate program in academic advising through Kansas State University (http://www.dce.k-state.edu/education/advising/certificate/). Its only 15 credits to get it and to apply you only need a 3.0 and a finished bachelors along with a 2 page paper on why you think you should go there. The classes look like they'd be super helpful to. The total cost for all my tuition to get the certificate would be about $6,480.

Chad got his ipad. Its beautiful. The screen is just amazing. We downloaded this cat game where this little dot moves around the screen and darcy has fun with that. Im also kind of becoming obsessed with instagram, a picture editing app.

Heres a picture of darcy and i from it...

Im 4 paper behind in my terrorism class. I know i should do it.. but i don't.

I dyed my hair black.. well "soft black" haha. Its darker then i was planning on but i still like it.

Im excited to see the hunger games. Even though i couldn't stand catnis in the book. But i think the movie will still be fun to watch. I don't think we are going to watch it for a little while though. 

Also, today is my brothers birthday!! I called him but no answer. : ( i'll try again later.