Tuesday, December 24, 2013

alright alright alright

In less then an hour we are headed off to texas for christmas!! Excited.

So i'll hurry and blog :)

I know everyone knows we got our couch but i must blog about it so i can look back and be happy all over again. Its beautiful, never been happier.

This picture makes it look kinda blue but its definitely grey.. like the next picture.

There are seriously about 6 different thrift stores all within 10 mins from our apartment and its the best. Id never been to a good will before don't know if this is normal at all of them every where but target donates a bunch of brand new clearance stuff to them here so you can get the target threshold brand for super cheap and brand new. I once saw a bread box at di in rexburg and decided not to get it then went back the next day regretting it and it wasn't there. So when i saw this beauty for $6 brand new from target i didn't even think about it.

I love the wood grains on it, super pretty, but of course i had to add a little something onto it so i went with a few gold strips.......

 And lastly.... i started getting big crushes on kitchen hutchs this past month or two and have been day dreaming about repainting one and putting adorable kitchen things inside of it. But... i live a small apartment and have an even smaller car. so i thought i would probably have to wait a couple years. I thought... if only there was such a thing as a mini hutch. Then at my favorite thirft store here, we went in for some picture frames and everything in the store was 40% off and i saw this. And the label even read mini hutch. It was meant to be. It took trips home with the bottom and top separated but its in my kitchen now and i can't wait to redo it. This is a horrible picture thanks to my dark dark apartment but the wood is actually a very pretty dark wood not as yellow/light wood as it looks and im having a hard time deciding how much of it to repaint or leave wood?... tough choices.
These are some of the colors im thinking..

Which color do you like best? Im thinking dark navy? The teal i cant quite do since i just painted our new tv buffet that color :(