Wednesday, September 19, 2012

we don't waste no precious time

Just a little up date...

The other morning i went to floss my teeth (which is a real unusual thing) but i had lots of time so i thought why not. In the middle of flossing i heard something fall on the floor and looked down and it looked like a little rock. For a second i thought i should really start flossing more if there are rocks hiding in my teeth. But i looked in my mouth and there was a hole in one of the teeth. The little rock was one of my fillings.. so im off to get it refilled Thursday at 2:50pm.

Kitty has begun eating bugs. And she really seems to enjoy it. I can tell when she's found a bug because she starts meowing like crazy then i go over to see whats wrong and there's the bug. So far i've seen her eat two centipedes and almost a spider (i took it away from her before she could finish it) and chad says he's seen her eat a spider as well. She's gross.

Chads been studying for the GRE.. he rented 4 books from the library..

I think i broke our garbage disposal.

And.. im working on having an etsy shop.. perhaps..

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