Sunday, March 18, 2012

The sunlight hurts my eyes.

Today i attempted to make eclairs. I used this recipe And it turned out pretty good. Except, the size it told to me to make with the dough turned out to be much bigger then it should be. Here's a picture of them. The one on the left was just the left over of the dough so i made a little one which turned out to be the size i would have liked them all to be.  

 I didn't have any chocolate chips to to melt to put on top so i just made chocolate sauce out of coco. Inside was just pudding with a little half and half and vanilla to make it sweeter. It turned out pretty good. Chad and i only ate one and got full.

I also finished my curtains! But darcy pulled them down and im too short to put them back up and chad hasn't gotten around to it. But soon i'll have a picture.

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