Saturday, March 10, 2012

I do have a ray gun after all.

If you didn't notice.. i changed my background today. I was getting tired of the black.

We bought darcy a little harness and leash today! Its blue with little fish on it. We put it on her and she went crazy rubbing around on the floor and crawling.. like she forgot how to walk or something. It was very funny. She is practicing wearing it now and she seems to be fine now.

Also i saw this fabric at walmart like a month ago and it was about $10 a yard but today in Idaho falls i found it for $2.50 a yard so i had to buy it. I'm going to make our curtains out of it. Super excited.

Also today it was super sunny and nice so chad long boarded while i rode barbara's old bike. It was fun. We took along my fisheye Diana mini too. I couple of more days like this i'll be able to go develop the film. Exciting!

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