Friday, March 23, 2012

your going to catch a cold from the ice inside your soul

Its been very sunny and pretty! We went to the park with darcy and let her run around. At first she was doing her crawling on the ground thing, but then we brought her to a field and she would run over to this little group of trees and explore but then come running back to us after awhile, then go back. It was cute.

I watched the walking dead season 2. The first couple episodes were awfully boring but by the 4th it got way good. I would have to say its not as good as the 1st season though.

Bought darcy's carrier on for the plane today on Amazon. Hopefully she likes it, and fits inside. It was only $24.

Also only 1 week and a half till school is over!!!

I've been seeing this song often but never listened to it until today and im quite fond of it. 

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