Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Theres no way im letting rainy street down again.

This is pretty much going to be a catch up blog about random things i haven't yet posted pictures about...

Here is a picture of my curtains i never posted, its a little dark it was hard to get a good one with it bright outside, but yep i like them.

And this is a little di buy i got awhile ago. Its a little tray i bought and then i painted it black. Yep...haha. 

And here are some funny photos of darcy! We bought her a little sweater and rain jacket. I think she looks very funny. She's not a big fan of them though. 

 Also, chad bought a new skateboard he's been looking at for awhile. Its tiny, and adorable, and it came with matching sunglasses.

Lastly. I found a sewing machine desk from di today! For only $10. Its an old sewing machine desk so it has the big hole in it and stuff and the table flips up to make it longer. Im going to repaint it. I think i have an idea of the color. But im still deciding.

And just another little thing i found at di was this picture frame. I put in my own picture i had printed off a couple months ago thats just been waiting around for a good frame to go in. 

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  1. Love the drapes, Darcy's clothes and i had a skateboard that size but it was red and no i didn't have the cool sunglasses :-)