Tuesday, February 21, 2012

and love comes back around again, its a carousel my friend.

Its Tuesday, which means i have school and work again.. sadly.

This weekend my good friend becky chase came to visit from Utah. I hadn't seen her in forever. It was quite nice to talk to her again. 

We went to idaho falls with adam and ate at 5 guys, our favorite restaurant. 

And i bought primer and gave my side table two coats of it already! I think i'll do one more. And maybe even a fourth on the inside. I think i've decided on yellow as my color...?

Also.. i know i just posted about the new shower curtain. But we got a new one. I love love this one. It was on sale at walmart and it came with a bath mat and such. I also bought a cute little tray thing to go above the toilet and put little tea light candles in it. 

Well.. now im just waiting 40 mins before i have to go to school, then a group meeting, then work, then home at 9:45pm. Yuck. 

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