Tuesday, April 24, 2012

i dont want to look at this destiny

Its been awhile.. 

We went to Alaska to visit my family. It was super. Lots of fun. Its too bad it wasn't very long. I didn't bring my camera so i don't have much to post. I do have a couple pictures from chads ipad that i posted on facebook. 

Lets see what else has happened.... I got new shoes. It was buy one get one half off. And i wanted to get new shoes that where not tennis shoes that were closed toe for work.

I also modge podged a little shoe book with those left over book pages i had to make a little cord box for a bunch of cords we had laying around connected to the internet modem stuff. So that looks a lot better now. I saw the idea on pinterest once and thought it was cool. 

And here is some stuff from chad and my book arts class we are taking together this semester. Its a really cool class. So far we have learned how to tear paper. The paper they get is from japan and it comes in really big sheets so you have to tear it using this little tool. Its actually harder then it sounds. haha. After we learned that we made a bunch of pages together which make something called a signature and now we are making them into pamphlets which is the pages sewed together with a cover. Here are two of chads...

  And yep thats about it. Oh... besides my birthday coming up on Saturday!

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