Wednesday, May 9, 2012

im not crying its just been raining on my face.

Yes.. i've become an awful blogger.

I think my main reason for not blogging lately is because i started this online class, which i didn't need to take i was just taking it to be a full time student, and im a huge procrastinator and never wanted to do my homework so to keep myself from feeling like i should do it i just wouldn't go on my computer at all. There have been days where my laptop was never opened the whole day. But i've figured out away to not have that problem. Im going to fail my class. This probably sounds bad.. but its actually ok. Im going to keep it until i am done working at the end of the semester and then drop it and get a "W" instead of the F. I was very excited when i figured that little plan out.

Besides planning on failing classes, not much else has been going on. It's been getting sunny again, which i love! Chad and i went for a little walk the other day. I've also been hanging out with some friends which is different. My old friend Maury is back in Rexburg and we happened to have a class together. We went to watch the lucky one and ate out. It was fun. I don't suggest watching the lucky one. I thought it wasn't any good. It was fun, but i still don't like doing things without chad. I guess im rather clingy. :) So the next friends i hung out with, my friends from work, i brought chad parr with me. We went to big juds. Its were you can buy giant 1lb hamburgers (or even 6lbs!). Chad and i shared a 1lb and hardly ate half of it. It was fun. I had never been there before.

And thats just about it?... Here are some pictures from the walk chad and i went on.

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