Friday, May 11, 2012

This time for Africa

I've had a lot of extra time lately by myself when chads at school and im home alone so i've been looking at nikon camera's. My favorite nikon reviews come from this guy named Ken online. His website is,, and he reviews like everything nikon its fantastic. I trust his advice. My dream camera has been the Nikon d300 for years and years which came out in 2007. That was back when i read about cameras all the time. I stopped for quite awhile. Today when i was reading about the new cameras Ken raves about this other camera that came out in 2011 and is cheaper then the my d300 which he says is better then the D300 and the D90. So now i don't know what to think about my dream camera. Maybe its not my favorite any more?

Anyways i also came across this old school camera (D1) from 1999 for sale for $134. I think it looks ridiculous and, it only has 2.7 megapixels which is quite funny. Most phone cameras have more megapixels then that.

Also.. i love summer. Its soo warm and pretty lately. I always want lots of fruit when its warm. I went to the store the other day when chad was gone.. again.. and bought watermelon and strawberries. It was yummy. 

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