Sunday, May 13, 2012

The word is on the street that the fire in your heart is out

We went to go look at kittens yesterday in Idaho Falls. I saw online on that there were three kittens for adoption at the animal shelter. I forgot though that it closes early on saturdays so we got there 13 minutes too late. So we went to bestbuy and Ross for fun and after that to petsmart which was next door. At petsmart was two very cute kittens. One in particular. He looked just like darcy but gray. He was cute.. I held him and wanted to bring him home.. but i resisted. I made a pros and cons list before we went to idaho falls just incase i saw a kitten and wanted to bring it home i'd have already decided if it was a good idea or bad. I had many pros... but two important cons..the first was money. To adopt a kitten its $103 from the animal shelter and $80 from petsmart. That includes spay/neuter, and shots. And the second thing was that darcy wasn't even allowed so a second kitten probably isn't a good idea. But there is only like 2 and a half months left right?

This is the kitten we haven't met yet at the animal shelter.. super cute. 

And this is the kitty that was at petsmart. He was soo cuddly. It made us realize that darcy isn't and never was a cuddly cat. Sad.

And of course now i should post a picture of darcy because she is the cutest cat ever right? Here she is in her new favorite place to sit.

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