Sunday, November 20, 2011

Its so much colder then i thought it would be so i tuck myself in and turn my night light on


So i found this website. It helps you create different color schemes. I think its rather handy.

Yesterday the White Place Flea Market i have been waiting for for forever (that was a lot of for's?) finally happened! It was like being in a big real life pinterest etsy shop. I brought my $27 in cash so that i wouldn't be tempted to spend any more. Chad ended up having $3 dollars in his pocket that i stole from him (actually he kindly offered, the gentleman) to use so i ended up spending my $30 and here is what i got....

3 white picture frames.....
..... and a long silver mirror
I have a plan to have it all white and silver themed on our one large wall in our dinning room/kitchen. It should be pretty... eventually.

And as you already saw in the background on the pictures above our wallpaper for our table came in! This picture makes it look less blue and the top ones make it look a little too blue. But anyways.. its blue and silver and i love it.
Today (since taking this picture) we actually wallpapered it onto the table. At our first attempt we quickly found out that we put way way too much glue. We had to start over with much less. Its all on now, no glue or air bumps. Now we are just letting it dry and then we'll cut the extra paper off the sides and then i'll take an updated picture.

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