Sunday, January 31, 2016

my momma don't like you and she likes everyone

We made play-dough. Oliver loved it. I came back to take a picture of him and he did this adorable little pose. 

But the magic of play-dough has already worn down. I really need to get some food dye, maybe that will up the game again. Although his favorite thing right now is to play with water in a million measuring cups, pots, and pans. It was a mistake I made once and now from an hour after waking up to right before bed he finds whatever container he can and goes the the kitchen whining for me to fill it up with water. Now all I do throughout the day is clean up water puddles, rinse almost clean dishes, and change olivers wet clothes. I hope he finds a new game soon.

On a happier note. You may have already known that I stopped eating meat... mostly... back in September I watched a farm animal cruelty video that made me want to do something. To be real legit I understand that I would have to also not eat eggs, diary, ect. but at least I'm doing something, right? I still haven't found a local meat supplier with legitimate free range meat and eggs that I want to start buying from (there are a ton here btw) so instead I have yet to cook any meat in our house.

But I love meat and miss it so when I saw this brand on sale at cub foods for just $3ish I bought it. I love it, chad loves it. The other day I gave chad some choices for dinner and he said, can't we have those burgers again.. so they are legit. I do cook them on a cast iron griddle skillet which I think adds to their crisp and flavor. So if you decide to make them, do that for sure.

Morning star is the other brand I have tried, which Burger King carries, and I thought it was really gross. btw

I am really excited to find some more nonmeat meat to try out. Does anyone one know of any stores that carry a variety but don't over charge?

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