Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It is a 512 K

We are college graduates!! I was glad my parents could come up to see me graduate. Also, surprisingly chad parr decided to show up as well. Its been great being done, i feel like i could do whatever i wanted right now, like road trip to salt lake, which is what we did yesterday! Or start a big furniture painting project, which is also what im in the middle of, or start of. Its great.

Here are some of my favorite graduation pictures!

While my parents were here we brought them to the Teton Dam. Chad made us go look inside of this potato field that was there as well. It was creepy. I don't like those things. 

 Here is the inside... gross.

We also took a quick trip to salt lake because scotty was here in rexburg for a visit and instead of him going on the salt lake express we offered to give him a ride. We also got to go to Ikea, and see chads brother and his wife. It was a fun trip.

We bought this cage for when we had planned to drive to canada during this time. But we ended up not being able to go to canada. We had to take the cats out of our apartment since people were coming to check on it so we decided to bring them along too. Darcy was good and slept most of the way. Kitty whined for a majority of the drive. It was annoying im glad we weren't driving all the way to canada with her. 

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