Sunday, July 15, 2012

A pizza from the store.

5 Days till Graduation!!!! Chad's been studying a lot and i am just about finished with my giant paper for my sociology class. I just have to write a couple more papers and take some chapter quizzes and i'll be all set to graduate. 

My friend Jaime Comer stopped by rexburg the other day on her way to the MTC. We all went out to eat at JB's. I was really glad i got to see her before she left. She seems very excited about her mission, i hope she has fun. 

So today we went to go drive to the civil defense caves because neither of us have been there. We didn't end up making it there because there was a giant puddle in the middle of the dirt road so we had to turn around. But we stopped a couple places so i could take some pictures. 

I know i know, i've been taking a lot of "car" pictures. I just love our little car!

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