Friday, July 6, 2012

Why not?

Fantastic news. I got a Nikon D300 for graduation. This camera has been my dream camera since like the beginning of college. And now i own one. Its crazy.. i still can't believe it. We drove around Idaho Falls so i could try it out a little at the friendship garden we went to back when we were first married (i tried to find the previous post about it, but it is lost?). When we got home i was all excited to edit my pictures like i always do, but then looking through them they all looked just fine without editing. haha. Editing them would make them look too bright and high contrast. My new camera just has soo much more quality then my old D50 its ridiculous :) Heres some pictures!

This is it.. instagramed of course. 

 Not very many pictures i know. Im going to take more soon. I also want to take comparing pictures with my d50 and d300 of the same thing so i can show the difference between to two. I think that would be cool. But.. that'll happen eventually. haha.

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