Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You torched a saab like a pile of leaves

This is a post for sunday. Sunday was a good day. It was about 86 degrees so i really wanted to get outside somewhere. We went to our old favorite park that we went to back in october its was much nicer this time since it wasn't so cold. I wanted to pack a picnic but we didn't really have picnic food so i made a pot of noodles and we brought that and some cookies. It was lots of fun we are looking forward to going back and instead of sitting by the lake we might hike up to the top of some very large hills. : )

We had to pass the windmills of course. Which i love! We found a dirt road that drove right up to one. They are so big its scary. And majestic. 

Heres chad right next to one looking tiny. 

A pruis picture. 

Here is a close up sand/rock and lake picture. 

Sunny and warm : )

 Our yummy noodles. 

hungry chad

 And we also planted some cat grass i got from the parrs for my birthday and this is what it looked like after taking it out of the dark place it was in for a couple days. We put it in the sun and now its nice a green and normal looking. 

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