Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It's so quiet in the world tonight

Oliver's 10 months in 6 days! 

We've had some pretty hot days here, and chad and I have not gotten around to buying one of those little plastic pools so when it was real hot one Sunday we just filled up a tote and called it good. Oliver enjoyed it.

And Oliver has started playing with his toys again which makes me happy. He went through a real bored of toys phase and it wasn't very fun. He also stands up by himself all the time. We have be trying to get him to walk to us but he just leans forward and falls into us instead of stepping. Eventually..... 

Here he is in his little wagon. Today he wanted to sit down in it but he was too big, it was pretty funny. Click here for a picture of him in the wagon back when he was 6 1/2 months. Cute. 

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  1. Little cutie! Don't bother with a baby pool, looks like he is happy with the tote :)