Saturday, January 28, 2012

When we fell in love you made my heart drop and you had me thinking about you nonstop.

The other day: I got out of class and walked up to the parking lot that's at the top of the hill. I threw my backpack into the passenger seat. It hit the parking brake. The car starts rolling backwards. I freaked out. Luckily the hill wasn't too steep and i was able to push against it to stop it and pull the parking brake back up. It was still embarrassing. A car had to drive around me. I put my backpack in the back seat now. 

The day after the other day: It snowed. I had to drive to work and it was really slippery. The car could hardly get up the hill after a stop sign. And.. i slide through a stop sign. I use to think i was a good winter driver coming from alaska and such. I found out this week im not. 

And, This past week: We bought a new rug! The one in our kitchen /dinning room came with the apartment and it was ugly and always looked dirty and didn't match anything. Rugs were on sale for $20 so I had to. right? Its smaller but I like it more, it feels cleaner. 

 Also as you may have noticed.. i've been sewing finally! I took in a sweater i had and then changed an old dress I never wear into a shirt. It turned out pretty good. I've been looking for fabric to make darcy's suitcase bed. I plan on doing that some time soon.

AND.. today i made brown sugar pumpkin cheesecake! Found the recipe on pinterest [] I didn't use the recipe for the crust, i had an extra crust mix left over from something else so i went the easy way with that. There was tooonns of left over filling so i poured some into a mini cupcake pan and that worked great too.. just make sure you grease the pan because i didn't and we ended up having to eat them out of the pan. 

And... i found something to put in the bowl i bought at HomeSense back in canada. HomeSense by the way is my favorite store ever. But, the oranges are running out. I have to find something new to put inside before its just a pretty empty bowl again. 

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