Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another life.

Not much going on these days.

I didn't work yesterday and it was wonderful!

We went to idaho falls with adam and his sister. She went to a bridal shower in Ferth and we stopped by this place called hidden treasures outside it looked like a junk yard but when we got inside it was amazing. They have two sections in the store one is just filled with pretty furniture old and new, and the other side is all old things not all that pretty but cool. Here is a picture of the pretty furniture side....

It was like this everywhere and it was a big place. The only disappointing thing is that it was way way expensive, more then most of it was worth (i feel at least). Homesense would have better deals. Oh i miss homesense. 

Besides that not much else going on. 

Chad bought some jeans finally. 

I bought some new tights. They are grayish blue. 

I had the stomach flue last night. It wasn't nice. 

Darcy is still adorable. Sleeping on the couch next to chad and i right now. 

And i found this new plant i think looks quite pretty. I'd like one someday. Its called string of pearls succulent.

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