Monday, December 5, 2011

You know time wont wait and you'll be late, white rabbits on the run.

I had a good feeling about DI this morning. So we went, and i found this really cool suitcase for $5. What im planning on doing is making it into a cat bed for Darcy. I first saw these on Etsy quite awhile ago and thought they were so cool. Here are some examples....

And here is the suitcase i bought. Im thinking about painting it a different color. Not sure what color yet? Maybe a blue? Maybe not paint it?


  1. you have the blue ones still here at home on the top shelf in the bedroom. Remember! What am I to do with them now? :-)

  2. haha I never forgot about it. It reminds me of the blue doggy bed in the picture above. I'd say you could try making Nicky a pig bed, but i bet he's much too big to fit. haha.