Sunday, December 4, 2011

The watchmen chose the moment.

I know im being a bad blogger. I'll get better soon. Promise. 

A week and 2 days until we go to Canada! And school is over! I am hoping to get everything done this week so I won't be hurrying to finish stuff. But I make these goals every week, so we will see if this is the one time i don't put everything off till the last day. 

A couple days ago we decorated the tree, so here is that. And also a cute little picture of darcy saying hello. And picture of darcy looking crazy. And then finally a picture of darcy playing.  

And here is a picture of use trying to take a picture together. Didn't work out the best. But i am fond of it still. 

We bought my families Christmas presents the other day. Today i wrapped them all up. They will be mailed off soon. Maybe. I also bought a cute little cup shaped as a penguin for Barbara that i have to send as well. 

We've been looking at cat collars on Etsy. Found this one i like but chad doesn't like the color. 
So maybe a silver?

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  1. your package has been sent. Send ours soon. :-) KK will have to send hers along with something from Jenna to the both of you. She didn't get it to me in time to send. Love the pictures. That Darcy is cute. You two are cute!