Sunday, April 14, 2013

That night i kind of fell in love.

Well.. Chad got accepted to grad school in Alaska at APU!!!!! 

And thats about all the interesting news that has happened since easter. : ) But one really cool thing did happen. The other day i came home from work and outside our door was a giant giant tumble weed! I thought this was pretty cool. Some may not agree... like chad. But it was a pretty impressive tumble weed.. Riiigght at our front door. cool. So anyways.. here are some simple pictures. 

Chad and the tumble weed. Sorry its suuuper blurry. : (

Kitty in the middle of meowing at me. Something she does waaay too much.

And.. chad and his cats. 

And, an attempt to take a picture together. 

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  1. cat man. annnd allie, that tumbleweed is impressive. I would have been excited by it too. Chad's just lame like that. oh and mom says billy and loreli!