Saturday, June 16, 2012

Im singing in the rain.

So.. as you might have found out we got a new kitty last Saturday! We weren't sure if it would work out or not so we decided to wait a week before deciding anything. At first darcy was super scared of kitty and wasn't ready to have a new friend. But we have this cat book (that sounds cat nerdy) and read that you should keep them apart and mix their sents by petting one then the other blah blah.. so we did that for a day and then they found each other under the door and darcy started playing with her with her paw under the door. Eventually we opened the door and now they are friends! Darcy sometimes plays a little too rough but she stops when you get mad at her. Also kitty meows alllll the time. Shes a little whiner. Also.. if you didn't notice we still don't have a name for her.. hence "kitty".

I love this picture. btw.

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