Monday, June 18, 2012

Im sick and tired of the mess you made me, never gonna catch me cry.

So theres been this computer at walmart in the clearance section and chad and i would go look at it every time we went to walmart. The price kept dropping until one day they moved it to this display sales table. It was down about $200 from the original price so we decided if it was there the next morning we would buy it. AND.... it was! Its a computer, screen, speakers, and such...

 And yeah.. its great. Using it right now. We knew we wanted to buy one for after graduation like as a future family computer kind of thing since we wont be bringing our lap tops around to class all the time. And im not sure chad's computer has much longer in it.

Also.. i am applying for a job as we speak. .. type?... Its with Idaho falls school district and its a custodial. Its also after schools out, so i wont have to wake up early, and its $10 an hour, much higher then minimum wage here. So yeah.. hope that works out.

I am also saving up for this couch for after we move!.... I have $35 so far from selling our rockband 3 on the school bulletin. $264 left to save.

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