Monday, June 25, 2012

As long as you love me.

Its burning hot these days! Today was the first day i went outside since friday when i burnt my shoulder real bad. I feel like a big dummy and  will never ever go out in the sun again without sun screen. :)

Besides burning i've found this font website and have been having fun uploading new fonts to Word. I also added a little song lyric quote to the top of my blog.. as you can see above...

I've been on pinterest a lot today as well. Found this ladies blog that has lots of ideas and before and afters. {} And also found this website were you can find cheap cruises.. but they are cruise that are happening in like the next 30 days, its

AND... the most exciting thing this week that i can not wait for.....White Place Flea Market is this Saturday! This is the thing that i went to in December and bought these white frames and silver mirror. Cant wait to see what pretty stuff there is this time.

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