Monday, December 31, 2012

I'm dying aren't i? .... Probably

Well yes its been FORever... but i've figured things out and am now posting again! The next couple posts will be of old things that we have done, which hasn't been much. So heres the first!

We went to the animal shelter... again...

There were these two super cute white kitties that i loved lots. We went back to the animal shelter a little while later and only one of the cats were left and she was very whiny and wouldn't sit still not like when we first met her. I think she missed her sister. It was sad.

And this is Kaseys pal. He was Giant!

Sad Puppy

And this is a bad picture but its a funny story. Kasey wanted to pet this little puppy so she went into the cage and closed the door behind her. I took the picture then went to join chad looking at other dogs. We heard kasey calling and it ended up that of course there are no handles on the inside of the cage so she was locked in with the puppy. Good times.

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