Sunday, December 20, 2015

Got a feeling that Im going under

Now here is a moving in post. I was sad I didn't take any pictures of the moving van or goodbye storage locker moments.... but at least the storage locker in Virginia will always have a special little place in my heart.

So our new home is a three bedroom, wood floors, small balcony, almost 2 car attached/detached garage (to the building but not our apartment), one bathroom with laundry, second floor kind of apartment. I love the look of wood floors, but its pretty cold in the mornings it makes me rethink my love for them a bit. The living room area is very bright though, which it huge. Our last apartment was really dark and taking pictures was always awful. I really really really want a dinning room table. Right now we just have a big empty area where one should be. This is pretty much exactly the kind of table i'm looking for.....

I checked a couple thrift stores while we still had the uhaul but didn't even see a single table that day. So now I am just waiting till i find that perfect one and we will have a rent a truck or something. 

But besides the table, things have been coming along slowly but good. Here is the living room making progress.. 

(see how bright it is!) I also got a lamp from Ikea that we hung from the ceiling in the middle of the living room because it is one of those silly rooms that only has one light and its on the other side of the room.....and this lamp wasn't just any lamp. I picked it out over a year ago when we were moving from Minneapolis and I just wanted to wait to decide if I wanted black and copper or white and copper. And here we are one year later with white and copper and I still love it. A lot. 

And I was also reunited with my little hutch which I have missed a lot. Pretty much every piece of furniture and frame I own needs to be touched up with paint though. Moving really hurts your things 

And thats about it for now. 

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