Sunday, December 11, 2011

let us bring it home then.

My family sent us a Christmas package full of lovely things! 

Chad is now an official part of the family with his remote control camera helicopter, and I have my sewing machine! We also got my favorite truffles (the best chocolate ever. ever.) Chad also got an angry birds board game which i'm excited about. Its funny because now its the only board game in our home. Also Michael and marry got us a little love quote book that has some cute pictures in it.

 Darcy also got some presents this year. She got a laser pointer, this little toy thing (which she likes the best), and some treats.

I'm just about done with this semester! About 5 more little assignments?

Chad and i went to idaho falls the other day so we could pick out my Christmas present. I picked out some clothes. Im looking forward to them.

I only have 2 more days of work until I'm off for Canada! Im looking forward to not vacuuming and taking trash out of garbage for a couple weeks.

I have lots of clothes to go through to put away and decided what to pack. Picking out clothes is difficult. I asked chad to do it for me. He wont.

Speaking of Chad. We have been married for 100 days!

Here is a list of things we have to do before we go to Canada, on Wednesday!

  • Buy more kitty food.
  • Get $50 cash for scotty
  • Let the apartment complex know scotty is our emergency number
  • Mail my families Christmas Presents
  • Mail Barbara sa her present
  • Clean apartment 
  • Give Darcy a bath

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