Friday, December 16, 2011

This is my man page.

We made it to Canada with the Parrs! It was pretty rainy all the way there. I guess our flight into Duluth was the first to make it there in about 2 days because of bad weather.
Canada So far...

Its was Jordan's birthday (actually it wasn't he just delayed it until we got here so chad could be there for it) and he had this fancy angry birds cake which ended up being made with glass pieces in it. So no one ate it.

 Its cooold outside. Chad played with Mckensie and Duke outside. But not for long.

Mckensie and I are becoming little buddies. I let her borrow my camera. She's quite a natural.

Jordan also took some pictures... mostly of Mckensie. Posing. I think they are cute. Thats why there are a few.

Tomorrow we are going to watch the Christmas Carol Play.

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