Monday, December 19, 2011

Well i climbed the 7 summits and i swam the 7 seas but the road i must travel its end i cannot see

2 things from pinterest...

A nifty little cell phone holder for when its charging.

This. I've been seeing little snow globe ideas all over Pinterest and this one is my favorite. i like that its so little and there's a cork in it. 

Chad, Me, Kasey, and Jordan all went to a Christmas Carol play the other night at Fort Williams. Fort Williams is an old fort. It looked pretty cool. The play was in one of the old buildings and the "stage" was like in the middle with all the chairs lined in a big circle/rectangle shape. I really like the Chrirstmas Carol story and I thought the play was pretty good. 

Here is a google picture of what the fort looks like. We took a little bus from a visitor center and it drove us here.

Here's Jordan and i in the visitors center with a native thing...

and.. Kasey, Chad, and Jordan ready for adventure.

 And.. Chad Parr and i.

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